PLC Programmer Decatur, IL

PLC Programmer

Decatur, IL

Full Time/Direct Hire

Salary: 65000-115000

Job Description

Are you an enthusiastic PLC Programmer eager to take your career to new heights?

We are hiring for a PLC Programmer with a client that offers unparalleled career growth and a chance to be a trailblazer in the food & beverage industry.

What sets this role apart is its wide range of responsibilities that offer a multi-faceted experience.

From troubleshooting all PLC and computer-related processes to taking the lead in creating new programs, systems, and efficiencies, the role is designed for those who thrive on challenges.

In addition, you’ll be actively involved in supporting the maintenance and engineering departments in various capacities, be it in preventative maintenance or in new process development.

This position offers not only the chance for personal skill diversification but also the opportunity to collaborate with multiple departments, including maintenance, engineering, and IT, offering a well-rounded career experience.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Information Technology, or an equivalent field experience.
  • background of 3-5 years in a similar role is preferred.
  • Proficiency in PLC Controls, RS Logix, and Microsoft Office is crucial.
  • Key competencies include excellence in troubleshooting PLC and computer-related processes, a strong aptitude for creating new programs and systems, a collaborative approach to cost-reduction projects, effective management and documentation skills, and the ability to manage plant security in relation to computer systems.
  • If you are a dynamic, innovative professional who values teamwork and is looking to make a meaningful impact in your field, this role offers an exceptional opportunity to do so.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, information technology; or equivalent experience

Related Experience: 3-5 years of experience is preferred.

Equipment/software Skills: PLC Controls, RS Logix, WonderWare, Microsoft Office

Why is This a Great Opportunity

The PLC Programmer will be the only programmer at the facility, leading to diversity in projects and opportunities.