IT Consulting & Management

AMS have spent a decade staffing top US and global firms because of our commitment for helping excellent candidates discover their excellent working balance.

AMS Workflow

Advanced Management Solutions explores the Internet for active and passive individuals who match your job requirements, create and maintain resume databases, find sales leads and carry out specialized research. We at AMS comprehend the diversity of skills available on the market and their importance to the IT and Non-IT sectors. We believe in professionally testing each candidate’s ability on various levels, which distinguishes us from other staffing solutions. We keep our word and provide workforce solutions with moral integrity. For permanent workers and contractors, AMS recruiters conduct interviews, determine qualifications, and discuss pay. On sizable hiring projects, we collaborate with direct clients.

IT Recruitment

We at AMS are a specialized staffing and recruitment firm with a global service portfolio that includes permanent hiring, contract staffing, and outsourcing for the IT industries. We emphasize technical IT staffing and recruitment, unlike most of our adversaries. IT services and operational processes outsourcing make up the two main parts of the staffing solution known as Advance Management Solutions. It is one of the industries that is expanding and creating jobs. Web development, data analytics, software development, software management, and other positions are a few of the many information technologies provide. This exclusive emphasis, combined with our knowledge of the IT sector and our tried-and-true search approach, puts us in a unique situation to quickly deliver top-notch personnel. We have a panel of working IT professionals and industry professionals working on cutting edge technologies in addition to our core staff of specialist recruiting consultants who are specialists in their respective technological fields and are knowledgeable about the most recent market trends and advances. Before sending each candidate's resume to the client, we thoroughly screen each applicant, verifying references and scheduling in-person interviews.

Non IT Recruitment

We at Advance Management Solutions support the local recruiters for our clients. We locate the candidates our clients' recruiters may need more time to look for or be unaware of. We start looking for candidates before the client's working day, providing them an advantage over rivals. From a wide range of sources, we choose applicants. The toolbox for AMS is available here. Our authorities use modern tools to boost productivity. They all have two displays, allowing them to operate in an applicant tracking system while conducting searches across several sources. Through the use of an aggregator, our authorities can concurrently collect applicants from a variety of job sites and the resume database at AMS. Candidate resumes are emailed or uploaded to our client's applicant tracking systems. Each task order also receives a unique Candidate Submittal Report from the sources. Each applicant who applied for that job order is listed in the report, along with the source of their CV and their verified contact details. The report ranks each candidate and includes an explanation that helps the recruiter understand the candidate's advantages and disadvantages. Don't hesitate to contact us immediately at (email) if you have any queries about Advance Management Solutions.

Training & Placement

According to the customer's requirements, AMS offers training in the newest IT technologies and domains and deploys qualified employees, from recent college graduates to seasoned consultants. Our IT consultants have a wide range of expertise, including application developers, database specialists, software engineers, project managers, and experts in the implementation of enterprise software. AMS classroom training aims to develop and support our consultants on these topics: competency-based quality programs that are up to date with the new technology, career development training that focuses on interpersonal skills; resume writing interview tips; and personality development. We at AMS, provides bootcamp training for full stack developer, java developer, dotnet developer. We empower them to preserve and enhance their technical expertise. For big hiring projects, AMS can quickly assemble and deploy teams of recruiters. For every project, we adhere to our customer's workflow. Most of the time, the goals are to promptly find and submit qualified applicants while maximizing task order coverage. The recruiters may be used temporarily until the project is finished, or our customers may want to keep them on after the project. so they can prospects in real time.

Our Staffing and Solutions Services


  • Evolution of Recruiting
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Screening and  searching
  • Evaluating, and controlling

AMS will assist you in locating and luring candidates to fill open positions in your company.
By looking for applicants with the precise talents you need, Ams will help you fill either permanent or temporary, project-based roles.
We will assess the applicant for your needs and credentials and make sure they are a good fit for your company culture after finding or attracting candidates with the necessary programming abilities or technical experience.
As a middleman between our clients and job seekers, it is our responsibility to meet our clients’ needs while also helping the applicants find a position that suits them.

As a conduit between our clients and job seekers, it is ams responsibility to meet our clients’ needs while also helping the applicants find a position that suits them.We think we can meet your goals by attracting people to your company and locating possible candidates who are a suitable cultural match while keeping soft skills in mind.